Create A Wish List

Some people consider the home search their favorite part of the home buying journey, while others could live without it. One thing that is consistent, house hunting is nearly impossible without your own personal home wish list.

Creating a wish list for your home consists of identifying everything that you want and need in a home. You need to include all the bedrooms/bathrooms to accommodate your family’s needs. Then you can add on all the bells/whistles you would like your new home to have.

Creating a wish list for a new home should be fun. Allow yourself to enjoy the process, make sure your final wish list is realistic and your “must haves” are prioritized before your “nice to haves.”

Download, complete and make two copies of our Home Buying Wish List Template. Keep one for yourself to use during your home search, and provide your real estate agent with the other copy.

This list will help  your agent find homes that meet your needs/wants. 

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